Saturday, August 21, 2010

froyo @ tutti frutti with hazy

craving for ice cream but you're on a strict diet? TUTTI FRUTTI frozen yogurt is surely for you!

"FROYO"/"FROGURT is short term for frozen yogurt. its a dessert made of yogurt and other dairy products. compared to ice cream, it has lesser fats because it is made of pure milk instead of cream.

just after work, my friend hazel texted me and asked if we could meet at glorietta. since its on my way home, i agreed and invited her to try the tutti frutti frozen yogurt.

hazel chose strawberry yogurt while i wanted to be daring so i selected peanut butter.  i topped  mine with kiwi, strawberry, mango, mandarin orange, peaches and raspberry. i also added sliced almonds and wall nuts to give texture and crisp. and because i am a fruit and nut lover, i really liked (i mean LOVED) indulging on every spoon.

the fruity toppings

the nutty toppings plus marshmallows, cereals, chocolates, etc.
its so yummy yet you will be guilt free. eating this yogurt makes me forget about ice cream because its like eating ice cream too (only healthier). aside from that, you won't be bored of eating this because you can be creative and choose from a variety of toppings. you can top it with jellies, nuts, fruits, cereals, chocolate and marshmallows.

"the beauty and the best" hahah!

 joycey and hazy

they have yogurt available on cone which is priced Php85 and yogurt on cup which is Php20 an ounce.

much love,

tutti frutti is located at 3rd floor, glorietta 4


majormajoredzygutsy said...

this is bungga super joycey and hazey jadey!Ü i wish i could be there with you next time you indulge in your froyo addiction. hihihi!Ü nice pix you got here.Ü huwaw, nasa floor ba ako? EOP?Ü

Joyce Reyes said...

@ majormajoredzygutsy: hi edz! thanks for dropping by.. hope to meet you soon... ☺☺ yeah... EOP here... hahahah!

Star said...

I love Froyo Ice Cream as in! Be it, White Hat, Green Mango, California Berry any brand tlga.. =)

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