Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a "sunDATE" with God

i haven't been able to hear mass for a long time now because of my work schedule. i know. i'm bad. so i promised myself and God to make it a point seeing Him on sundays.

so to start this, me and my friend hazel attended an early mass at greenbelt church, makati. i originally planned to go with my mom  to attend mass at a church nearby, but she already attended  an anticipated one so i just decided to join my friend. we both have to go to work anyways.

officiated by a monsignor (i forgot his name) mass started at exactly 7:15 am. lots of people attended the celebration. its nice to hear church songs again. there's no better feeling as  to listening to the priest's sermon, while hearing birds twitting, feeling the morning's cold breeze kissing my skin plus that fresh leaves' scent on the air. i especially love how i feel close to nature, close to God.

more than anything else, we all must feed not only our tummies but our spirits as well. hearing mass is a spiritual nourishment.  and the church is the place to be. it is where you can find tranquility and peace of mind. the freedom from all the worldy things.

i am pretty much sure God missed me. and i missed Him too. :D

'till our next "SUNDATE"!

hugs! ♥


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