Thursday, August 19, 2010

"me day"

last tuesday since its my rest day, i decided to unwind and just basically chill out - by myself. its not that i'm a loner of some sort, but its just that i am the type who wants to have a time for herself. so instead of just facebooking and flipping the tv channels at home, i just opted to have "my day" at the mall.

i went to robinson's galleria and had a hearty merienda at krispy kreme. i ordered my favorite vanilla glazed cake and partnered it with the raspberry chiller. gak! brain freeze!!! :D 

top left is the vanilla glazed cake (this isn't the real picture of the KK doughnut i ate. forgot to take the picture, i finished it fast . told you its my fave! hehe!)

my raspberry chillerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)
after the food munching session, i window shopped for a while and went straight ahead to megamall for a visit to forever flawless to have my facial. as usual, i requested for the acne control one since nothing else  aside from this, is allowed for my acne prone skin.

ooops! not me!
my aesthetician which happens to be named joyce (as well) is the best and the most customer oriented of all the aestheticians who had ever done my facial. she is polite and friendly plus she didn't do the "hard selling" which most of them do. she did not offer me this and that but just created a chart of my skin improvements instead and asked me about what products i use for my face. (what?? been having my facial for quite a long time @ ff, but why were my records only created now??).

the real me, trying the advanced acne control facial
anyway, since i think she knows what she is saying, i was convinced to try the acne control advanced facial she was telling me about.  well, if you are claustrophobic, the mask would  be a horror! imagine having your face (including eyes and lips) covered by a marshmallowish cement. yikes! i told joyce not to leave me until i finish the mask. hahaha! :p

i loved how my face glowed after the procedure. joyce also gave me her cellphone number just in case i have other concerns. ;)

archie plus betty and veronica comics
before going home i went to national bookstore to buy archie comics. they say reading english comics helps improve one's conversational english skills. :) i also window shopped at forever21 and was not able to buy something because i did not find anything worth buying.

the day is all worth it. i went home happy and recharged to go to work the next day! more "me days" to come :)

much love,

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Love this article, Joyce! :) We must also have a rest day that's exclusively for ourselves. Emote ha! English talaga ang pagcomment. Haha te, may blog din ako, daan karin if you have time. Ndi ako marunong magfollow, kamote! Hehe Wala pa maxado blog posts don, sakto lang. Hehe Pasenysa narin sa grammar ko don. Hahaha Maganda kase na pangpractice ng English chorva ang pagba-blog. Hehe Miss you, te! You take care! :) See you soon! :)

nicey said...

I do that-on my own thingy too! :D Either, hit the salon, spa, mall or very far far away places.. lab it!

Ley said...

You ate all those donutsss??? Dang! And I thought I was the MATAKAW. :))

Joyce Reyes said...

@ joris: thanks!.. its good to have time devoted to yourself... do whatever you want and be merry! hihihi! nakita ko nga blog mo eh! maiden boy! naks naman! hahahah! thanks for visting... keep reading ha...

@ nicey: yeah! nakakarecharge right? ;)

@ ley: nope... only a doughnut is enough... too sweet... :D

sapphirelove said...

I also practice this "ME day" thing, esp at times when I feel so lost. so troubled..and so sick of work, of facebook and being single [huh?? hehe].

This activity is a great escape from the stressful reality. Nwei, this is how life is painted :)

Joyce Reyes said...

@ chelle: its good to free yourself from all the stress... relaxation once in a while is healthy... :D usapang single talaga? heheheh!

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