Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emmy Awards 2010: Worst and Best Dressed

Here's my list of Emmy Awards 2010 of worst and best dressed:


1. Heidi Klum - She kept it safe with this little black dress but her hair and necklace added an "UMPH!"  to her overall look. However, I find the the dress too short that it could be uncomfortable to wear especially when sitting. Not to forget, her Christian Louboutin's are fit for her toned legs - gorgeous!

2. Kim Kardashian -Wow! I love how she carried this Grecian dress. It tamed her "x-factor" but none the less, the simplicity made her look sexy, yet classy.

3. Emily Blunt - The lavender color of her dress gave her a fresh and young look. It also complements her skin tone. Make up is simple but, made her stood out still.

4. Diana Agron - Vintage and lacey. The black ribbon accentuated the layered lace dress. The gown fits her well. This is something I would want to wear on a prom or a graduation ball.

5. Jane Lynch and Kyra Sedgwick - Both dressed their age. This is "Simplicty is beauty". By the way, Jane , who plays Sue Sylvester on Glee won the Best Supporting Actress for comedy.

* * *


1. Lauren Bosworth - UNDER-DRESSED! Need I say more?

2. January Jones - Nothing is more annoying than the "funnel-like" thing that cups her breasts. I think her dress plus its color could give her a role for the movie Austin Powers.

3. Kris Jenner - Although Kim Kardashian managed to look sexy, mom Kris made a huge mistake when she chose this dress which is not quite figure flattering. Her hips was emphaSIZED.

4. Christina Hendricks - Though I love the dress' lilac color, what's up with those bulging boobies and those feathers?

5. Naya Rivera and Mindy Kaling - Did you girls talked about those high buns? Your dresses made you look shorter. Were you separated at birth?

Tata! :)

credits to yahoo.com for the pictures. :D


Pammy said...

I like your best picks, especially Emily Blunt's and Sue Sylvester's dresses. Kim carried her Grecian dress in a regal way. Your worst picks really look awful

Joyce Reyes said...

emily blunt's is my favorite too! she almost looked like a goddess in that dress plus her make up.. and the worsts? are really the worsts... ;)

paddylast said...

is Diana Agron wearing a Marchesa? she looks vibrant!!!!

Emily Blunt is too pale / twilight-ish for my taste but i still heart her!!!!

Joyce Reyes said...

@ paddylast: she's wearing carolina herrera... emily b. is sporting the "barely there" make-up... i love it... :D

Ley said...

I love Diana Agron's dress! >___<

Joyce Reyes said...

@ ley: oh yeah!... but i like emily b.'s more... ;)

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