Wednesday, August 11, 2010

kuya kim atienza suffers mild stroke

earlier at the office, a colleague informed us that there is  a commotion at the makati medical center (i work just blocks away from the hospital). kim atienza, son of former manila mayor lito atienza, tv patrol weatherman and "matang lawin" tv host, was reportedly rushed to the hospital because of an alleged fatal condition caused by a snake bite (as what was told by my colleague). how true is that?

after reading some celebrity tweets on twitter and news on the internet, i confirmed it myself that kuya kim was not bitten by a  deadly snake but is suffering mild stroke instead. he was first rushed to pgh (philippine general hospital) by his driver early this morning as he was complaining dizziness. he was then  transferred to makati medical center in the afternoon.

kim atienza for me is filipino counterpart of steve irwin. from his tv patrol segment and his tv show matanglawin, he exhibits the love for animals (particularly the exotic ones)


last reports confirmed that his condition is stabilizing. he will undergo a series of tests and will be closely monitored for 24 to 48 hours for his continuous and fast recovery.



Mariel said...

nice blog joyce!and yes, get well soon Kuya Kim..he's one of the best host around.

Joyce Reyes said...

thanks ms. m... keep reading :D

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