Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Season the Pinoy Style

Christmas is fast approaching. I know everybody is feeling the Christmas rush because only few days from now, we will be celebrating the most anticipated time of the year.

Filipino Christmas is the happiest of all, at least for us Pinoys. So how do we Pinoys celebrate this yearly event? Below are just some of the things which mark the Philippine Christmas celebration.

  • Lanterns on the streets/houses - "Parol" is the traditional Filipino decoration. By the end of November, Parols will be in every corner.

  • 9 Mornings/Simbang Gabi - From night of the December 15th up to the Christmas Eve, Filipinos celebrate the holy mass. It is believed that when one completes the 9-day novena, whatever he/she wishes will come true.

  • Bibingka and Puto Bumbong -  Stands of these famous rice cakes are like mushrooms outside churches to cater to those who attended the Simbang Gabi. These two are best eaten steamy hot and with butter.

  • Caroling -  Kids, even adults sing Filipino Christmas Carols to every house at night.

  • Noche Buena - At the eve of Christmas, Filipino family gather to exchange and open gifts and eat the family specialty. The next day, relatives come together for the clan reunion. Games and Videoke are always present.

Christmas is not just about gifts, money, clothes and other material things. It's all about the coming of our dear savior, Jesus Christ.

Let's all spread the love and the spirit of giving this season...


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Saturday, December 11, 2010

iPod Touch 4G: A Quick Glance

For a music lover like me, having a gadget you can bring anywhere and which let's you play and store music is a piece of cake. But having more than that, you'll simply have a true "State-of-the-Art" fun. That's what I have with my iPod Touch 4G.

The iPod Touch 4G

Here are just some of its features:

  •  FaceTime - The "Skype" like feature of iPod which enables video calling with another iPod 4G or with an iPhone 4.

  •  2 Cameras - Double the fun with 2 cameras located at the front and the back. Front camera for you and the back camera which focuses on what's in front of you. This let's you switch cameras anytime between video calls. You can also take pictures and capture scenes via video recording.

  • Retina Display - The highest resolution among iPod screens ever. Images and texts are crisp and are stunningly sharp. You can watch your favorite movie from the 3.5 inch wide screen Retina Display.

  • HD Video Recording and Editing - When you have your iPod touch with you, you're always ready to capture great moments and edit it right then and there.

  • Game Center - This let's you play games with friends, compare scores and game rankings. It let's you expand your social gaming network.

  • Safari Web Browser - Visit your favorite site. All you need is Wi-Fi and your IPod 4G.

  • iBooks - Save good reads on your iPod and download books from iBookstore. Bookworms now becoming eBookworms.

This is one cool gadget you can give a loved-one or yourself for Christmas. =)

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