Sunday, August 15, 2010

BAKLAVA @ cyma greek taverna

* BAKLAVA - A popular sweet pastry found in many cuisines of the Middle East and the Balkans, made of chopped nuts layered with phyllo pastry.

(*please click the word to hear pronunciation. )

it all started when i posted a picture of real baklavas on my facebook wall and tagged my colleagues who are also into playing "baking life".

the baklava picture i posted on facebook
by the way, BAKING LIFE is a facebook application where you get to manage your own bakery and basically bake pastries for your store. you have to earn money in order for you to buy recipes of the goodies you can bake and sell, to pay for the wages of your temporary workers and of course to buy furnitures and appliances to improve the look and feel of your store. from baking life, it all had began.

anyway, since we haven't really tasted the real ones, my friends hazel and mishy (which happened to be baking life addicts too) decided to taste test this goodie. cyma was our choice because of the good reviews we read about their baklavas.

tell you what, i was quite disappointed with how their baklava tasted. its only as if you're eating a cinnamon roll (except that cinnamon is better, for me).
baking life baklava

cyma baklava

their baklava is composed of phyllo layers (its hard to slice and chew - i have braces. teeehhhee!) with walnuts and orange honey syrup  in between.  its a bit dry and i guess that 's the reason  why its hard to cut into pieces. taste isn't bad but i am expecting more. spell disappointed. i haven't really tasted baklavas from other restos to say this but, for Php 180.00 ($3.83 as of writing) its a bluff!

i'd love to try cafe mediterranean's baklava since as per reading, it has pistachios as compared to cyma's which only has walnuts. cafe med's is only Php50.00 ($1.06) and they also have baklava ala mode which has vanilla ice cream and a choice of orange, mango or chocolate sauce topping for Php175.00. not bad eh?

this baklava experience is truly memorable. why? because i was able to bond with hazel and mishy and found new friends in chester and alex. setting the baklava disappointment aside, i enjoyed the entire "GREEKish" experience. mouth-watering foods plus excellent customer service at cyma is definitely two thumbs up!

here are the delectable foods we munched on @ cyma:


Tonnos Salata

Glyka Sampler
Tonnos Salata 2
Chicken Acropolis




Ley said...

Dami food! :D

Joyce Reyes said...

yeah!... pero guilt free... i personally love tonnos salata and moussaka... ;)

Ley said...

Sarap...Kagutom lang. Nyorks.

Anonymous said...

ayan teh. na visit ku na. ^_^

galeng galeng.. ikaw na.. =)

Joyce Reyes said...

@ anonymous:

hazel??? hahah! ;)

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