Sunday, October 3, 2010

Soju Overload!

For the past few nights, I have been getting less than 6 hours of sleep. The culprit is Soju. Or should I say MySoju. No. I'm not referring to the Korean beverage. I mean MYSOJU.COM.

MYSOJU.COM is a website where you can find loads of old and new Korean dramas and films. This is where I currently watch Boys Before Flowers. Yes, it's only now that I get to watch this completely. And I regret it! So thanks to the website, I appreciate Gu Jun Peo, Geum Jan Di and the Korean version of  F4 so much more. Now I understand their phenomenon! HAHAHA! :))

If you're one of the many Korean drama and movie lovers like me, visiting the site will definitely be a treat. :)




Me too, Joycey! MySoju is such an addiction! :)

Joyce Reyes said...

ah-huh! i agree... gotta love koreanovelas and korean films.. :D

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