Thursday, October 21, 2010


And so I have not been updating this lately. I am preoccupied by so much things this past few weeks so when I have the luxury of time, I just surf the Internet for a while, chit-chat with mom, watch a little and hit the sack. How is that?

So what's up with me these days?

  • Adjustment with my new work schedule
  • Yes, I have a new work schedule. From 10am-7pm with a Monday-Tuesday rest day, I have now been moved to 6am-3pm Saturday-Sunday rest days! Yihaaaaaaw! Its not easy waking up 3:30 in the morning everyday but this means more time with family and friends, especially on weekends.. =) I am enjoying and ADJUSTING to this schedule until we were informed yesterday that there will be another shift bidding. What? Did I hear it right? I haven't been through with the body clock adjustment curve and another adjustment is yet to come. Oh well...

  • JD Power and Associates Week
  • Or should I say JD Power Associates month??? =) One week turned almost one month. Our center is being evaluated to gauge our customer service skills, client knowledge and courtesy to the customers. And in line with this, I am one of the priority representatives in attending to calls. Tell you, its not easy. On the brighter side, we passed the evaluation and if we pass the on site audit, this will be our account's 5th recognition in customer satisfaction excellence. This calls for a celebration! TEEEHEE! =)

  • Gu Jun Pyo
  • I know I am a year late! Its only now that I watched this awesome Korean adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers. Better late than never. The entire cast is adorable. Locations and props and clothes used are superb that's why this series became a hit. And I am soooOOO digging Lee Min Ho. =) I am watching this at and I am about to finish. Yehey!!!

    And you? What's new?  Keep me posted. =)


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