Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Miracle of Giving Fool

Synopsis / Plot 

Ji-ho is a promising pianist, studying and playing abroad for years. But one night she had a stage fright and never recovers. In despair, Ji-ho comes home and meets her old classmate Sung-ryong.

Once a very bright boy, Sung-ryong had an accident and now he is in late 20's with the mind of a six year old. He is very forgetful, but he has never forgotten his first love Ji-ho. Other half of Sung-ryong's dumb mind is occupied with his only family, younger sister Jee-in. To take care of her, Sung-ryong sells toasts in front of Jee-in's school. But Jee-in is embarrassed of her idiotic brother and ignores him.

And Sang-soo is Sung-ryong's old friend who understands Sung-ryong's innocent mind. But he inevitably falls to the world of gangsters. Ji-ho is still in her slump, Jee-in falls sick and Sang-soo gets involved in a bloody dispute. But all of their agonies are miraculously saved by Sung-ryong in a way nobody has foreseen.

My verdict:

I love how romance, drama and a bit of comedy had been mixed into this 103 minute-movie. Unlike most  of Korean movies, this is fast paced. You'll never get bored with long dragging drama scenes. You'll be moved by many touching scenes showing how loving of a person Sung-ryong is.

Playing the challenging role of Sung-ryong, Cha Tae-hyeon showed his versatility as an actor . I have seen a couple of his movies and I can say, he portrays his role very well. By the way, he is also the guy who played Kyeon-woo in the movie "My Sassy Girl".

This is a must see. You'll laugh, cry and be touched by how Sung-ryong became a miracle...

You may visit www.asiatorrents.com to download the full movie.

Enjoy. =)


Ley said...

Have you seen "My Girlfriend is an Agent"? Maganda rin! :D

Joyce Reyes said...

nope ;) hmmm... what's the story?

sapphirelove said...

I got hooked to Korean flicks din during college days, when I still had all the time in the world to explore and watch movies/koreanovelas all day =)

Well, judging those I've watched, they're all awesome. I maybe exaggerating but that's the best adjective I can throw to describe the Korean flicks =D magaling ang casting, locations are wow, the art department are superb and the actors, maybe not all but most of em, played their roles very well. =)

Thank you for blogging about this flick, Joyce. Imma try to watch this as soon as I get home =) to refresh my mind and escape from work issues and other blahs =)

Joyce Reyes said...

@ sapphirelove: Me too.. =) And it's only now that i have reunited with my fondness of Korean movies and dramas... Would you believe, I am watching Boys Over Flowers now?... I mean JUST NOW... how late is that? heheh =)

Korean flicks are cute, romantic and some sort of dramatic... These are what I like most...

Any movie/drama suggestions chelle? =)

sapphirelove said...

watch this one, Joycey! This is the first korean movie ive watched and I cant get enough of it. sigh. Seth and her mom introduced this movie to me. =) tell me your reactions on this ah.. =)


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